Festival Vendor Booths

Vendor Info
Attention Vendors. Please review all the material on our site as some of the rules, fees and vendor forms have changed this year.

We have only three categories; each has some new rules and opportunities. Please read the category you are in and compete the vendor form associated with your business.

Arts & Crafts / Farmers Market /Kids (Hand Made Crafts Only – No buy / Sell items allowed)

Business (Professional Services, Small Business, Sunglasses, T-shirts,  Healthcare, Home Improvement, Cable & Cellular, etc)

Festival Food (Sno Cones, Ice Cream, Popsicle’s, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, etc)

Wing & Food (Restaurants, Bars, Food Trucks & Caterers)
This year Wing Vendors will be allowed to sell other food items and control all money being exchanged. No more tickets! (Certain Wing rules Apply) Review details in our Wing & Food Vendor Section.

All payments can be made using Paypal during signup process or by check to Armus Media Group LLC and mailed to our address below. The deadline for final payments on all applications is Feb 1st.

Mailing Address:
Armus Media Group LLC
2870 Peachtree Rd, Ste 475
Atlanta, GA 30305
Fax: 888.340.3484

BOOTH FEES:  Payments can be made with by check or by PAYPAL. Booth fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

WING & FOOD VENDORS:  Vendors may sell other food items at their location and keep 100% of all food & wings sales. (Wing Vendor Requirements) Wing Vendor(s) must at least feature up to three (3) different styles of Wings & Sauces at an advertised price of 3 wings for $5.00 per wing. All other items must be listed and may be priced at your current rates. (VENDORS CAN SELL BEVERAGES BUT NO WATER DUE TO SPONSORSHIP.)

TERMS & CONDITIONS:  The EXHIBITOR/CONCESSIONAIRE shall indemnify and hold harmless Armus Media Group LLC and the City of Canton, its agents, employees, volunteers from and against all claims, damages, losses, expenses, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, arising out of or resulting from (i) the conduct or management of the Premises or of any business therein, (ii) any act, omission, or negligence of the EXHIBITOR/CONCESSIONAIRE or the partners, directors, officers, agents, employees, invitees or contractors of the EXHIBITOR/CONCESSIONAIRE (iii) any accident, injury or damage whatsoever occurring in or at the Premises. EXHIBITOR/CONCESSIONAIRE hereby expressly indemnifies Armus Media Group LLC. The City of Canton for the consequences of any negligent act or omission of Armus Media Group LLC, the City of Canton its agents, employees, and volunteers, unless such act or omission constitutes gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

Please use CONTACT FORM for any questions about the festival.